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Christian Living - Moral Theology Today

According to Vatican II

by George Lobo, S.J.

The author, who was a well known moral theologian in India, in this book, looks afresh on the basic norms of Moral Theology. Although this book can be taken as a treatise on General Moral Theology, it is however addressed to a wider audience than students of theology or ethics.

Pages: xiii + 455

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Christian Ethics, vol.I: General Moral Theology

Newly Revised Edition

by Karl H.Peschke

This volume, together with the second one, which both appeared in various languages, is presented here in its tenth Indian edition. The author makes himself a conscious interpreter of the demands of Vatican Council II. On stormy questions such as the ultimate end of humanity, proportionalism, authority and conscience, and the role of Scripture in ethics, the author is reliable in his statements and helpfully moderate in his personal judgements.

ISBN: 978-81-88821-51-8

Pages: viii + 382

Price: Rs. 180.00

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Christian Ethics, vol.II: Special Moral Theology

Newly Revised Edition

by Karl H.Peschke

The book is a new, thoroughly revised edition of special moral theology. Recent theological developments and documents of the Magisterium have been integrated. New themes have been added and others further developed. The volume constitutes an up-to-date exposition of the Catholic morality, explained with great clarity and competence. It is a valid contribution to the on-going aggiornamento  of moral theology.

ISBN: 978-81-88821-52-5

Pages: xiv + 846

Price: Rs. 300.00

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Critical Life Issues - A Hand book

by McCarthy, Bayer and Leies

Prepared in U.S.A. by eminent scholars, this book gives us a moral evaluation of pressing moral problems of today from the Christian point of view.

Pages: vi + 213

Price: Rs. 110.00

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The Christian Moral Life: Faithful Discipleship for a Global Society

by Patricia Lamoureux and Paul J. Wadell

This new introduction to moral theology is focused on Christ, rooted in the Scriptures, and connected to the sacramental and spiritual life of Christians. It views the Christian moral life as one of faithful discipleship imbued with Christian virtues. This splendid volume is theologically rich, inter-religiously informed, and prophetically forthright in showing that even more than rules and actions, morality is about the kind of person we ought to become: a faithful disciple. To make the discussion accessible to students, each of the 10 chapters includes a conclusion, a list of key points, questions for reflection, and suggestions for further reading. The book is firmly rooted in faith, global in scope, theologically perceptive, pedagogically astute, and inclusive of insights from other religious traditions.

ISBN: 978-81-88821-74-7

Pages: xx + 306

Price: Rs. 240.00

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 Peace-Building: Catholic Theology, Ethics and Praxis

Edited by Robert J. Schreiter, R. Scott Appleby and Gerard F. Powers

In this groundbreaking volume, leading Catholic theologians, scholar-practitioners, and ethicists take up the challenge of developing a conceptually coherent, theologically accurate, spiritually enlivening, and practically effective approach to Catholic peace-building that can complement the rich Catholic teaching on the ethics of war. The relevance of this book begins with the Catholic community, but it reaches beyond the Church to other religious traditions, to the role of states and international institutions and to the lives of those seeking to build the structures of peace in conflicted communities throughout the world. This much-needed contribution provides a well-developed theology, ethics and spirituality that will serve as a firm foundation for effective peace-building programmes.

ISBN: 978-81-88821-75-4

Pages: xv + 466

Price: Rs. 220.00

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A History of Catholic Moral Theology in the Twentieth Century

by Fr. James F. Keenan

The book is an historical survey of 20th Century Roman Catholic Theological Ethics, which is also known as Moral Theology. The author affirms that it is only through historical investigation that we can really understand how this most conservative and negative field in Catholic theology could become by the end of the 20th century the most innovative one. The century begins with moral manuals being translated into the vernacular. After examining some of these manuals, the author turns to other recent works, and makes a crowning synthesis of innovation all developed before, during and soon after the Second World War. Then the author begins with Humanae Vitae and successive encyclicals and analyzes the recent trends in ethical reflection, where he dwells on the importance of the moral judgment of the informed conscience as an important factor in the ethical life of a Christian. Keenan asserts that theological ethics today is historically rooted, but always engaging the present seeking moral truth for the conscience by looking to speak cross-culturally.

ISBN: 978-81-88821-82-2

Price: Rs. 145.00

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Catholic Theological Ethics: Past, Present and Future: The Trento Conference

by Fr. James F. Keenan

This Collection of essays in moral theology shows the remarkable diversity in approaches and topics of concern in world church. Essays examining the rise of moral theology from the Council of Trent rub elbows with papers devoted to the problems of the present and prospects for the future. The various studies make this a book that must be read by all who want to know the shape of Catholic ethics today.

ISBN: 978-81-88821-86-0

Pages: 352

Price: Rs. 230.00

For sale in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar,Sri Lanka and the rest of the world except North America, European Union, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

















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Catholic Moral Tradition: Revised

by David Bohr

Too many Catholics tend to believe that morality is primarily about keeping laws and avoiding sin. Catholic Moral Tradition, Revised, shows how from the beginning, the Christian moral life is first and foremost about living our lives according to the “new law” of grace. The gift of the Holy Spirit, given us at baptism, is a dynamic inner principle that transforms us into a “new creation in Christ”.

This book presents an introductory summary of contemporary Catholic moral teaching based upon the renewal mandated by the Second Vatican Council. It also incorporates subsequent Church documents, especially the moral encyclicals of John Paul II—Veritatis Splendor and Evangelium Vitae—along with his three encyclicals on Catholic social doctrine and the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

ISBN: 978-93-83163-22-9

Pages: 368

Price: Rs. 340.00

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Ethics and the Elderly: The Challenge of Long- Term Care

By Sarah M. Moses

This study of long-term elder care through the lens of the Christian ethical tradition, drawing on both Catholic and Protestant sources, offers a history of the ethics of care-giving, biblical perspectives on the aging and eldercare, and models for future care. In this wonderful vision of the place of the elderly in the Christian community, Sara M. Moses shows that despite its challenges, old age can be a time of beauty, serenity, generosity, and joy. Aging provides opportunities not only to receive, but to give through service to others.

ISBN: 978-93-83163-26-7

Pages: ix + 206

Price: Rs. 150.00

For sale in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Sri Lanka.