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Everyday Prayer

This is a one volume book and its contents are taken from the "DIVINE OFFICE" (Breviary).

This meets the needs of religious sisters, brothers and all others who wish to use the new Liturgy of the Hours for their daily prayer. It contains Morning, Evening and Night prayers and also the Psalter for the office of the Readings and Midday Prayer.

ISBN: 978-81-88821-03-0

Pages: xxxi + 1344

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Discovering Interior Prayer

by Yves Jausions

The followers of all religions want to experience an encounter with God in a personal manner. This is particularly true about the Christians. The best way to experience God is the practice of prayer, and especially interior prayer. Interior prayer is the simplest and the most effective way of drawing close to God through praise, adoration and thanksgiving. This kind of prayer brings to them strength, life, light and peace of mind in the midst of their daily life with all its ups and downs. Interior prayer is a heart-to-heart conversation with God. In order to experience this level of God-human relationship, it is necessary that people are taught to understand and welcome what the Holy Spirit does in each individual. Interior prayer is the moment when this divine action takes place in the human soul.

Interior prayer is meant not only for priests and religious; it is meant for all people. Whatever way of life one has chosen, everyone has to spend everyday some time in close intimacy with God. However, many do not know how to go about their prayer life. The present book is designed to help the readers discover and appreciate the value of interior prayer. It is meant as a guide for all Christians in such a manner that it illustrates the various aspects and dimensions of their prayer life.

ISBN: 978-81-88821-85-3

Pages: 187

Price: Rs. 150.00