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Visiting and Caring for the Sick

by Isabelle Delisle & Richard M Haughian

This book serves as a source of inspiration and practical guide for those involved in this important type of voluntary ministry. The reader will note throughout this book, like a discreet perfume, a spirit of gentleness and concern for spiritual values; these are not expressed in complicated formulas but through the simplest of gestures and tactful care. When the hope of recovery has faded, when discomfort and suffering worsen, the sick person needs hope and support more than ever. Relatives and friends, who occasionally visit sick people, and those who offer home care, will find in these pages useful information and techniques. Volunteers visiting in hospitals and residences will be able to further their education by reading, for example, the sections devoted to active listening and the accompaniment of those who are dying. Published by Novalis, St. Paul University, Ottawa, Canada.

Pages: 179

Price: Rs. 100.00

















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The Muslims of India: Beliefs and Practices

Edited by Paul Jackson S.J.

This book focuses on the Muslims in India by giving their general Islamic background needed for others to understanding them better. It describes, clearly though briefly, the Pillars, Festivals, Ceremonies of Islam, Its Mystical dimension, its origin and spread, its Law and Religious thought. It is the hope of the editors that it should fulfill the felt need of all who teach Islam in the seminaries and houses of formation.

Pages: xxxi + 306

Price: Rs. 120.00



















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History of the World Christian Movement

Vol.I : Earliest Christianity to 1453

by Dale T. Irvin and Scott W. Sunquist

Originally published by Orbis Books, Maryknoll U.S.A. It is the latest contribution of an international team of scholars who have analyzed the dynamic history of the Christian movement from a global perspective. These consultation participants come from Asia, Africa, Latin America, North America and Europe; they belong to Protestant, Roman Catholic, Pentecostal, and Orthodox communions, and represent the disciplines of history, missiology, theology, and sociology. This brilliant history reflects an enormous diversity of beliefs and practices over the past two millennia. In fact, the Christian Movement is one that has continuously diversified itself through its expansions, all the while claiming to remain the same. This book is an indispensable tool for the understanding of the Christian movement during the first fifteen centuries and it should have a place in all centers of learning, in diocesan libraries as well as in the communities of Religious Congregations.

The second volume will be published by Orbis Books and TPI will bring out the Indian edition of it also.

ISBN: 978-93-83163-14-4

Pages: xvi + 519

Price: Rs. 350.00

For sale in countries, excluding Europe, North & South America, Australia & New Zealand.


















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History of the World Christian Movement

Vol. II : Modern Christianity from 1454 to 1800

by Dale T. Irvin and Scott W. Sunquist

The first volume this groundbreaking history traced the development of Christianity from its origin up to the mid-fifteenth century. It was a landmark in the unfolding understanding of World Christianity. In place of conventional Eurocentric treatments, this work assigned a rightful place to the peoples of Africa, Asia and the Near East in the unfolding of Christianity, a religion constantly evolving in dialogue with new cultures, new questions, and new historical influences.

This second of three volumes continues the fine work of Volume I. While its treatment of the traditional themes of Catholic and Protestant ‘church history’ is solid, this book excels by fully integrating the Orthodox churches into the story and by showing why Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean deserve to be examined as carefully as Europe and North America. It is a wonderful addition to the expanding discourse on the history of world Christianity.

ISBN: 978-81-88821-97-6

Pages: 518

Price: Rs. 380.00

For sale in countries, excluding Europe, North America, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.


















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A History of Christianity in Asia

by Samuel Hugh Moffett


Originally published by Orbis Books, Maryknoll, New York, U.S.A.

A History of Christianity in Asia makes available immense amounts of research on the religious pluralism of Asia and how Christianity spread long before the modern missionary movement went forth under the shelter of Western military might. Invaluable for historians of Asia and scholars of mission it is stimulation for all readers interested in Christian History.

Through this classic work, Samuel H. Moffett offers the reader a winsome narrative on a subject still considered far-off and fable alike to most in the West. With both attention to detail and a passion for his subject, Moffett opens new doors for understanding the development, conflicts, and surprises of Christian history in Asia. The publication of these volumes, more than any other single work, reveals that Christianity is one of the “great religions of Asia” says Scott W. Sunquist, co-author, History of the World Christian Movement.

ISBN: 978-93-83163-12-0

ISBN: 978-93-83163-13-7

Volume I : Beginnings to 1500    

               Pages: xxvi + 560

Volume II : 1500 to 1900

                Pages: xxvi + 742

Vol I :      Rs. 350.00

Vol II :     Rs. 360.00

For sale in countries, excluding Europe, North & South America, Australia & New Zealand.






















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The Eastern Christian Churches: A Brief Survey

 by Ronald Roberson, CSP

An updated Indian Edition, originally published by Edizioni “Orientalia Christiana”, Pontifical Oriental Institute, Rome, Italy. The author has very recently updated the contents of the book. Pope John Paul II has beautifully stated that the church breathes fully with two lungs, one Eastern and one Western. The recognition of this basic truth about the Church has contributed very much towards a comprehensive ecclesiology. However, despite the recent progress in mutual understanding between the Churches of the East and West, there still remains much ignorance and prejudice that needs to be overcome by proper education and change of heart.

The present work by Ronald Roberson aims at this and it supplies all necessary information about all Orthodox as well as the Catholic realities of the Eastern Churches. For a country like India with its three Catholic individual Churches, the Western, the Malabar and the Malankara, on the one hand, and Orthodox Churches and the Assyrian Church of the East, on the other hand, this book is of great importance. The Catholic and Orthodox Churches have engaged in an international theological dialogue since 1980. A series of unofficial and official consultations between the Catholic Church and Oriental Orthodox Churches has been underway since the 1970s, and significant common statements have been issued by Popes and Oriental Orthodox, Hierarchs concerning Christological doctrine and other issues dividing their Churches.

ISBN: 978-93-83163-15-1

Pages: 316

Price: Rs. 360.00

For sale in countries, excluding Europe, North & South America, Australia & New Zealand.





















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Dictionary of Pastoral Care and Counseling

Expanded Edition

General Editor Rodney J. Hunter

Originally published by Abingdon Press, Nashville, Tennessee, USA.


This volume offers authoritative, easy-to-find information that will assist anyone engaged in the study or practice of pastoral care and counseling. 


The Dictionary contains more than 1,200 articles, prepared by experts in the field, covering virtually every topic related to pastoral care and counseling.  This Expanded Edition includes seven new essays and an extensive bibliography, which bring the volume up to date. The resource is ecumenical in its vision, enlisting the participation of nearly 600 Protestant, Catholic, Orthodox, and Jewish contributors.


Concise articles are arranged in alphabetical order and are knit together through an extensive cross-referencing system which, together with bibliographies enables the reader to find information and insight. 


The Dictionary of Pastoral Care and Counseling Expanded Edition includes a supplement of detailed articles and essays offering critical perspectives and  creative insights. These articles contain abundant resources for the assessment and future development of contemporary practice, making the volume an encyclopedic reference that will aid research and teaching.   


ISBN: 978-93-83163-07-6

Pages: xxviii + 1452

Price: Rs. 800.00

For sale in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Sri Lanka.




















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A Brief History Of Vatican II

by Giuseppe Alberigo

Giuseppe Alberigo, Director of the Institute for Study of Religion in Bologna, Italy, the guiding figure behind the world-acclaimed, five volume History of Vatican II, has brought out A Brief History of Vatican II as a quick reference book for all those who want to know some thing concrete about Vatican II, which was a watershed in both world Christian and world religious history. Historian Giuseppe Alberigo tells the story of that Council for a generation that has come of age since its close more than forty years ago. Here the drama of the Council comes alive, as the assembled bishops and their advisors worked on themes that would transform the global landscape of religion in ways that few could have imagined.


Pages: xvl + 141

Price: Rs. 100.00

For sale in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and in the rest of the world, except North America, the European Union, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.




















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Quest for the Historical Thomas: Apostle of India

by George Nedungatt, SJ

The Book offers for the first time a clear, systematic, comprehensive and fresh approach to the quest for the historical Thomas regarded and venerated as the Apostle of India. Views from Western and Indian scholars are sifted, judiciously analyzed and brought into dialogue, through a process of re-reading and reinterpreting the available evidences. It is probably the most comprehensive book ever on St. Thomas, the Apostle.


ISBN: 978-81-88821-23-5

Pages: x + 428

Price: Rs.200.00











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Catholic Engagement with World Religions:

A Comprehensive Study

Edited by Karl J. Becker & Ilaria Morali

With the Collaboration of Maurice Borrmans & Gavin D’Costa

This unique and comprehensive study outlines, clarifies, and defends the official Roman Catholic teaching on the relationship between Christianity and other religious traditions in the light of the Catholic belief that “We must hold that the Holy Spirit offers to all the possibility of being made partners in a way known to God, in the paschal mystery” (Gaudium et Spes, 22). Part I studies the history of these issues while Part II examines their theological framing. Part III addresses Christianity and other religions since Vatican II. Part IV deals specifically with Judaism, Confucianism, Hinduism and Islam as these religions see themselves in relation to Christianity. A final chapter by Bishop Michael Fitzgerald offers a theological reflection on the foundations of inter-religious dialogue today.

Catholic Engagement with World Religions is a necessary and absorbing reading for scholars, students, and practitioners of inter-religious encounter.


ISBN: 978-81-88821-83-9

Price: Rs.450.00

Pages: xl + 605

For sale in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Pakistan only.


















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The Universe Bends Towards Justice:

Critical Reflections on the Bible: The Church and the Body Politics

by Obery M. Hendricks, Jr.

The book offers a challenging engagement with contemporary Christianity and the abuses committed in its name. The various studies include the gap between the spirituality of the church and spirituality of Jesus. The book shows how the economic principles and the policies of the religious right betray basic Christian principles they claimed to hold dear.

ISBN: 978-81-88821-88-4

Pages: 272

Price: Rs. 230.00

For sale in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and the rest of the world except North America, European Union, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.


















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Walking with the Poor:

Principles and Practices of Transformational Development:
Revised and Expanded Edition.

by Bryant L. Myers

The Author explains how to do holistic community development and challenges the readers to follow Jesus by respectfully embracing the poor. It is a book from which Christians can draw deeply and profit greatly. It is a must reading for anyone who wants to carefully connect theology and development economics.

ISBN: 978-81-88821-89-1

Pages: 416

Price: Rs. 300.00

For sale in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and the rest of the world except North America, European Union, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.