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Socio-Critical Saying of Amos

By Thomas Vadackumkara SVD

Amos is the first of the so-called “Writing Prophets” in the Bible and his words have a strong accent on social justice. Even when the authorities objected to his teaching, it had an impact on the system, as is reflected in the spirit of Israel’s social legislation down through the centuries. If human rights have become one of the fundamental concerns of the Church’s social teaching today, it definitely owes this to the social critique of the prophets. This book attempts to reinvent the spirit of prophetic social critique through a critical reading of the socio-critical sayings of Amos, an analysis of their socio-historical context, a systematic reflection on the concept of justice underlying his pronouncements and drawing out their socio-ethical implications for the life of a tribal community in the Chotanagpur region in the central and eastern parts of India.

ISBN: 978-93-83163-23-6

Pages: 397

Price: Rs. 350.00

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The Church in the World: The Reception of Gaudium et Spes in the Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church

By Sahayadas Fernando.

The promulgation of Gaudium et Spes at the Second Vatican Council marked a decisive turning-point for Catholic Social Teaching. The theological basis for Church-world relationship and the theological-moral perspective on practical social questions articulated in it indicated the normative direction for the social mission of the Church and the development of Catholic Social Teaching after the Council. The publication of Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church by the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace almost forty years after Gaudium et Spes, constitutes an important phase within the post-conciliar development of Catholic Social Teaching. The present book investigates into whether or not the synthesis articulated in the Compendium on the social identity, mission and teachings of the Church remains faithful to the fundamental vision of Gaudium et Spes, even as it is called to contribute to the on-going development of Catholic Social Teaching.

ISBN: 978-93-83163-32-8

Pages: 427

Price: Rs. 400.00

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Love Knows When to Break the Law: Conflict between Love and Law through the Eyes of Jesus (Luke 7:36-50)

By George Panthalanickal, CMF

This book intends to show how the Gospel text of a  ‘Sinful Woman Anointing the Feet of Jesus   (Lk 7:36-50)’ becomes a paradigm of the theological strategies of Luke, especially in favour of those who are in need of divine and human compassion. It also attempts to explicate how the text, especially with the parable embedded in the narrative, becomes the basis of a positive theology for the failed, a theme which could be considered a climax of the Lucan theology of divine mercy and compassion. A positive theology of failure may appear as a paradox, but in the concrete human reality of failures, it is fascinating and inspiring to see this radically new vision of Jesus revealed in this Gospel text.

ISBN: 978-93-83163-33-5

Pages: 530

Price: Rs. 450.00

For sale in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Sri Lanka.

















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Prophetess Elizabeth (Luke 1:39-45) in a Feminine Perspective: An Inspiration for Indian Women

By Lis Maria Panthalanickal MSJ

This book comes as the fourth book of the TPI Dissertation Series. The character of Elizabeth in the gospel of Luke has been largely ignored by the readers and the scholars. Such a neglected character is the subject of this book. By applying the Historical Critical Method and the Feminist approach, the book studies this character of Elizabeth as pictured in Luke 1:39-45 and argues that Elizabeth is a prophetess in all the sense of the word. She is a prophetess of Christ and she is a prophetess of the Church. In short, the book presents Elizabeth as a model to the women believers in India to live as true prophetic disciples of Jesus by way of believing, witnessing and proclaiming the Messiah and the Messianic message.

ISBN: 978-93-83163-33-5

Pages: 425

Price: Rs. 400.00

For sale in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Sri Lanka.

















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Justice and Righteousness and Concern for the Poor in Jer 21:1-23:8: A Redactional and Exegetical Analysis

by M.David Stanly Kumar

This book titled Justice and Righteousness and Concern for the Poor in Jer 21:1-23:8: A Redactional and Exegetical Analysis defended at St.Peter's Pontifical Institute, Bengaluru by Fr. M. David Stanly Kumar comes as the fifth book of the TPI Dissertation Series. Jer:21:1-23:8, which is a collection of oracles in prose and poetry addressed to the last kings of the house of David, is the subject matter of this book. These oracles declare executing justice and righteousness as the basic norm of a just ruler ( Jer 21:11, 22:3, 15, 23:5 ) as well as the norm by which the king will be judged. The author follows in this book a critical, historical and theological approach to the chosen Biblical passage. The results of the study gathered in this book provide us with insight into the understanding of the history and theology of Israel during the Neo-Babylonian era and at the beginning of the Persian period, especially to the debates, related to the quest for political and theological identity of a Judean community. The book has the merit of highlighting the neglected side of the prophet Jeremiah - namely his concern for justice and righteousness and his concern for the poor.

ISBN: 978-93-83163-44-1

Pages: 561

Price: Rs. 450.00

For sale in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Sri Lanka.

















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Migrations and Spread of Christianity in Canara Region

by Carmine D'Costa SCB

This book analyses the Christian presence in Goa from its advent and its subsequent spread until 1660. This studies the mission of migrants from historical and sociological perspective. It covers the lives of the native converts and those never were converted. The timeline covers from Nayakkas of Ikkeri till Tipu Sultan highlighting Christian exile in Canara ( 1784 - 1799 ). It is quite interesting to know from this work about the contribution of the Christian missionaries for the integral development of the Canara region.

ISBN: 978-93-83163-45-8

Pages: 272

Price: Rs. 300.00

















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The Concept of Freedom in Galatians

by Assisi Saldanha C.Ss.R

Freedom is an important concept from classical Greek times. The truth of the Gospel is nothing but probing the significance of the Christ event in a nuanced way. The author highlights that Paul's teaching of scandal lies precisely in one's failure to be moved by God's scheme of presenting himself to us in the weakness of the cross of his Son, Jesus Christ. This book presents an unique understanding of freedom in Paul's letter to the Galatians that is rooted in the Gospel.

ISBN: 978-93-83163-57-1

Pages: 527

Price: Rs. 450.00

















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Clergy Burnout and Engagement: An Integrative Approach

by Eugene Newman Joseph

In the current era of great transition and upheaval, priests are called to live their ministry with depth, anticipating the ever more profound, numerous and sensitive demands and challenges not only of a pastoral, but also of a social and cultural nature, which they must face. Pastoral ministry is definitely a fascinating undertaking, yet one that is onerous, open to misunderstanding and marginalization and especially today, to fatigue, exhaustion, challenge, isolation and at times solitude and burnout. On the other hand, clergy engagement is characterized by enthusiasm, pride, significance, challenge and inspiration while ministering, and being pleasantly absorbed or immersed in ministerial activities.

This book explores the long-standing concern that has been prevalent in empirical and anecdotal research among clergy that in actualizing the priestly ideals that is in ministering to the personal, psychological, spiritual and material needs of the people, why some succumb to burnout, while others thrive and are engaged given almost the same mode of formation and even a similar type of ministerial setting.

ISBN: 978-93-83163-79-3

Pages: 532

Price: Rs. 500.00

















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A Spirituality of "Making-Whole"

by Shalet Mendonca

ISBN: 978-93-83163-87-8

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Jesus, The Saviour of All

by Don Bosco Augustine

ISBN: 978-93-83163-88-5

Price: Rs. 600.00

















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Jeremiah As a Prophet of Hope Amidst Calamity

by Thomas Vallianippuram

ISBN: 978-81-940378-11

Price: Rs. 560.00

















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Church As Mystery and Mission

by Cassius Correya

ISBN: 978-93-88953-08-5

Price: Rs. 580.00

















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Human Transformation Through Divine Grace

by Jude Nirmal Doss

ISBN: 978-93-88953-11-5

Price: Rs. 800.00

















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Elijah Cycle (1 kings 17 -19)

by Antonysamy Madalaimuthu

ISBN: 978-93-88953-14-6

Price: Rs. 900.00